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Business Strategy Diagnostic

The speed at which innovative business ideas are transforming entire industries today is unprecedented. It is time to understand and methodically address the challenges of this fast changing business environment. 

Business Strategy Diagnostic has been developed specifically for family run businesses and SMEs and it is about creating value: for your company, your clients and the society at large. It is a process that will systematically invent, design and implement powerful business strategies for your company. It challenges, questions and transforms existing business strategies and injects new ideas and innovations, improves existing business processes and changes cultures.

It covers the 4 main areas of business: Your Customers, Your Offer, Your Infrastructure and the financial viability of the enterprise. During the workshops we will look in detail at these areas and challenge the current understanding and interpretation of each area.

These are some of the questions we will explore together:

  • Who are our most important customers?
  • Which one of our customer's problems are we helping to solve?
  • How are we reaching our customers?
  • How are our channels integrated?
  • Are we retaining customers?
  • Are we managing our customer relationship?
  • What are the key activities the company must do to make this strategy work?

Our expert facilitators and domain experts will lead you through a creative process of generating a large number of business strategy ideas and successfully isolating the best one. This process is called ideation - it is crucial when it comes to designing viable new business strategies. 

What We Do

Business Strategy Diagnostic Workshop:

Our course structure consists of 5 facilitated workshops conducted once a week.  In total the workshop hours is 40 hours of class activities and about 15-20 hours of after class activities for a total course time of between 55 to 60 hours. 

Business Strategy Consultancy/Mentoring:

We walk alongside you in the follow up and follow through of the initial Diagnostic Workshop.