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Design Thinking – The Notion of Design as a ‘Way of Thinking’

Design thinking has come to be defined as combining empathy for the context of a problem, creativity in the generation of insights and solutions, and rationality in analysing and fitting various solutions to the problem context.

The Design Thinking Method deeply engages in the challenges from a system level. It is a disciplined process that help’s getting out of ‘management by crisis’ as it is a strategic activity that will identify opportunities that can be acted upon quickly.

It is critically important to understand that the design thinking process is not a strictly linear process (see graph below). Walking through the steps of design thinking is not a direct line from Point A to Point B. It is an iterative and rapid process that can be applied to even the most confounding business challenges. The Design Thinking Method is an exploratory approach to problem solving that includes and balances both analytical and creative thought processes. It can be used to start at the beginning of an idea, a problem or used to unlock hidden value in existing products, services, technologies, and assets - thereby reinvigorating a business without necessarily reinventing it. 

The Design Thinking Process

Design Thinking has basically 6 phases to it: Understand, Observe, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test. 

As you work through the process, you may find you need to back up and repeat a phase. For example, you could find that in the Ideate phase you don’t have quite enough data to help you clearly articulate the challenge you’re facing, and therefore you need to go back to Empathise and Understand phase and do a bit more research.

Design Thinking is human centred innovation - it is thinking with our hands, uncovering personal creativity to drive innovation; it is cultivating new perspectives of our every day world, it (re)frames and (re)positions the problem at hand, it challenges assumptions and existing best practices and industry standards by learning to empathise with each stakeholder to understanding them better.

In order to truly understand other people – walking with Empathy – means that we have to be open for our preconceived ideas, experiences to be challenge, to set aside one’s sense of what we think in order to learn what is actually true.

Our Design Thinking Methodology – Gears of Business Design

We have divided the design thinking process in 3 major step, called the E-R-P Methodology of Design Thinking. It provides our clients with a simple and practical method to differentiate, integrate and transform their business by understanding the role of design in business and how it can create significant value for them.

Each stage of the E-R-P Method has clear deliverables and whilst the walk through the steps is not linear, the method makes is easy to follow through the complete process with ease. 

Regardless if you are starting up a business, or if you need to align your strategy to the changes of your market place, or if you just need to look at internal productivity and process related issues. This methodology provides framework that will assist you to assess the problem and reframe the core issues. The ideation process will create multiple solution for evaluation and eventually implementation.