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Making Intent Real

Solving Problems Creatively - Reframing Organistional Culture

Today, many businesses are assaulted by systems-level economic failure and the collapse of traditional organisational strategies and management processes. Many leaders realise that the traditional way of addressing problems and issues is no longer as effective as in the past. 

We have created a set of workshops and trainings that will introduce our clients to a new perspective to the challenges they face.  We have crafted these workshops and trainings as a discovery process that will tap into the collective genius that is inherent in the organisation. 

Our intent it not to just fix the issues for our clients or on their behalf, rather leading them through a disciplined process, which will yield multiple prototypes for issues. 

The team will become proficient of going through this process of solving problems creatively. 

It fosters a culture within the organisation that promotes and celebrates the creativity of the team. 

It builds a community and team spirit - breaking down organisational silos within organisation.

The voice of the individual will be heard - identifying talent and opening new doors of talent development.

Innovation Workshops

Innovation Management is about imagining, organising, mobilising, and competing in new ways. It is moving from creating comparative advantage, which many  to true competitive advantage. 

Too often we draw the conclusion that innovation success depends on supremely talented individuals. Actual evidence points elsewhere. It turns out discipline teams, using effective methods, are getting results that are 10, even 20 time better than current global norms. Anyone can (and should) learn to innovate and with practice, anyone can become better at innovating. Simply put there is no longer an excuse not to innovate. 

In this workshop our focus is to unlock the creative inspiration within you and your team. Learn to think outside your box, beyond your organisation and practice how to come up with viable and sustainable business ideas

The team learns to apply the Design Thinking Methodology  definition and solving of problems using the Design Thinking Methodology. Our course structure consists of 5 facilitated workshops conducted once a week. Each workshop is 8 hours in length.  In total the workshop hours would be 40 hours of class activities and about 15-20 hours of after class activities for a total course time of between 55 to 60 hours. 

Design Thinking Mentoring


Conference Workshop (Team meetings, departmental vision, team building

Solutioning of problems through the team - creating a sense of ownership and belonging, recognition. allowing the team to solve problems 

Supervisory/Manager training - Discovering your personal vision, tapping into your potential