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A COACH takes you FURTHER to reach HIGHER.

Discover and engage in becoming the next better version of yourself. Coaching is about defining and setting personal goals, working on your career development, getting unstuck, managing conflict, and so much more. Heidi is a certified & experienced Results Coach who is committed to working with you on just that - Your results.

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At HGE International we have implemented strategies which have not only boosted ADR and increased ROI but also helped our clients and partners to make innovation part of their organizational processes.

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Don't know where to start with Revenue Management or Design Thinking? Download our free templates or have a conversation with us!

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Our Story

OPTIMISING beyond Revenue

Since 2010 we have been providing a wide range of bespoke services to our clients - from high-level strategic- and decision-making capabilities to customised and practical, hands-on solutions.

We provide independent hotel operators and franchisees with skills, expertise and cutting-edge technology to compete successfully in an increasingly competitive environment.

We partner with investors and hotel owners as they design and develop profitable and relevant hotel concepts.

We build customised solutions and frameworks that go beyond Revenue Management across all commercial disciplines of a hotel.

We mentor, coach and train high-potential, next-generation leaders with bespoke programs.

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strategic & international

In the last 11 years, we have assisted owners, asset managers, investors and managers in all life stages of a hotel - from hotel conceptualisation & positioning to opening hotels, re-branding, renovating, repositioning and – alas – even the closing of hotels.

We specialise in high-end resorts and urban boutique hotels.
Our clients are based in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Maldives, Tanzania and Germany.

Our coaching clients range from senior executives of Fortune 500 companies to young executives looking to prepare for their next career move.

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Coaching for Sales Leaders

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why may working with a Revenue Management Mentor be right for you?

Why Revenue Management? HGE International

Revenue Managers are in high demand and finding a good one is not always easy. For many independent hotels training  retaining a good revenue manager can be challenging. When a owner or General Manager makes the decision to partner with a Mentor they will ensure a couple of things:
1) They to handle your regular revenue management will ensure that your daily RM needs like inventory, pricing and distribution needs are being taken care of by a team of professional revenue managers. We keep you informed, we provide insight to make decisions with you. We assist with annual pricing and revenue planning process.
If this sounds like something you could envision for your hotel, we'd be delighted to have a conversation. Please also refer to our blogs on outsourcing revenue management and other interesting topics.

What kind of outsourced services do you provide?

Confidentiality Agreement HGE International

We will tailor the service levels to your need. It can be as short-term as the maternity leave of your revenue manager, as extensive as your full time revenue team covering groups and F&B, as hands-on as managing inventories daily with weekly forecasts and business intelligent dashboards, or as high level as a corporate strategy team would support your property based Revenue Manager and Director of Sales and Marketing.

What make your company different from others?

The difference of HGE International

We understand that your business in unique. As such we offer a bespoke service, specifically designed to fit your needs. We work relationally, alongside our clients, so that with us you always get a person, not a system, to support your company. Please reach out to us to continue this conversation.

Do you provide a revenue management system (RMS)?

HGE International Orange Arrow

As you engage with us, we will provide you access to Maxx Your Revenue Butler - the virtual revenue management assistant that will provide you with real-time updates, analysis and recommendations. Maxx is a new generation revenue management platform with the purpose of optimizing your revenue and your team. We'd be delighted to arrange a demonstration for you.
You can also just subscribe to Maxx Your Revenue Butler only if you don't need any other support and are just looking for an awesome revenue management assistant! For more info, contact us here.

Where are you located?

Location of HGE International

We are based in Singapore but have been able to effectively partner with clients around the world through the use of remote working technology. Wherever you are, don't hesitate to get in touch to find out how we can partner together.

I still have questions, how can I contact you?

Contact HGE International

Please don't hesitate to get in touch to find out more:  
Call us on +65 9199 8137, 9:30am-6pm Time zone in Singapore (GMT+8) Monday-Friday.
Email us at revenue@hge-international.com
We look forward to hearing from you!