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Sales Leadership Coaching Program

Improve your sales team's performance with our 3-month coaching program for Sales Leaders.
The B2B Sales coaching program is focused on building winning strategies for your most important opportunities, as well as developing your sales pipeline with new, qualified leads, hiring, retention and onboarding strategies.

Expect a minimum 7% short-term ROI, reduced team turnover, and significantly improved personal leadership abilities.

Gain greater visibility on business and sales team performance, allowing for better informed decisions. Introduce a coaching leadership style that can positively impact your team's morale and overall performance.

2-month intensive Sales coaching Program

  • Ideal for new team members who just completed training and benefit from additional guidance and support to be successful.  
  • Perfect for sales professionals that want to take their performance to the next level.
  • 8- weekly coaching sessions focused on sales lead conversion, personal productivity, and time management, managing territory, pipelines and prospecting activities.
  • Review Sales Call Recordings with personalised feedback
  • Learn and practice the art of a masterful sales conversations.
  • Reduce ramp up time for new team members and significantly improve staff retention and sales convervsion.

3-Month Team Coaching Program

Team Coaching has proven to be highly effective for improving performance and achieving sales results. The 3 month programme focuses on:

  • Driving sales performance & conversion
  • Improving communication, collaboration, and problem-solving
  • Developing leadership skills and team motivation
  • Goal setting and required strategies to achieve them.
  • Improved Results due to accountability and performance management
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