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You have just achieved your next milestone - a new job or promotion. You realize that you need more than the skill and approach that got you to this point to succeed.

You have read books and attended training seminars to improve your leadership, communication skills, personal productivity, and motivation, but after a few days, you return to your old ways.
This is where the coaching conversation begins!

Coaching opens possibilities

Personal or executive coaching is a powerful tool that opens up the possibilities inherent in the situation before you and develops critical life and leadership skills we all need. A coaching conversation explores the potential of your circumstance; you grow in the awareness of yourself and others. You find clarity for your path and better decisions, discover your strengths, and hear your voice.

In partnering with a coach, you take the next step:

  • Achieve your goal.
  • Advance your career
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Develop greater resilience
  • Start a new busienss
  • Cope better with stressful situations

It is Time to Chart Your future

As your coach and trusted partner, I will guide you on a journey of discovery, defining new goals, evaluating your career, your place in life, your values, passions, style of work & your hopes for the future.

As your coach, I will

  • Push your thinking in new directions, help you narrow your goals for the future· 
  • Prod you to address issues you may want to avoid & keep you accountable for goals you set for yourself.
  • Help you articulate dreams and ambitions you may have for your life and career.
  • Journey with you as you define the person, the individual you would like to become in this next season of life.
  • Guide you in discovering new perspectives and fresh approaches to your personal situation, career or relationships.

I am devoted to guiding my clients into increased competence, commitment, and confidence.

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Your Results

Clarity: Focus in on the results you want and create goals you would like to achieve.

Insight: Identify and shift limiting beliefs you know are holding you back.

Focus: Stay engaged as you work towards goals. Build awareness of what keeps you motivated to consistently move forward.

Accountability: Overcome delay! No longer fall into the “I’ll do it later” trap.

Accomplishments: Chart your progress, celebrate breakthroughs, and rejoice in your achievements.


See what my CLIENTS have said

"Heidi and her team helped us restructure our Marketing department and provided valuable coaching and training for the team to step up performance and customer engagement."

Heloise Chua
Director of Sales & Marketing
Marriott Putrajaya Hotel

"Heidi takes you along on a path of clarity. She helped me see things for what they truly are, then understand where I stand with my own values, and analyze how to focus my energy to achieve my objectives. Above all, she has a practical approach and an experience in a highly competitive industry that was an enormous asset during our sessions. There are exceptional coaches out there, but this certainly makes her stand out."

Stephane Depuits
Coaching Client

“Heidi and team pushed us to think outside the box, the sky's the limit kind of mentality... One thing I really learned from Heidi is the art of persuasion.”

Marilyn Tay
Revenue Manager
Garcha group Hotel Collection

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