Creating value with purpose

Making Intent Real

Who We Are  

HGE International Pte. Ltd. was founded in Singapore in July 2010 by Heidi Gempel. Her desire was to create a company that provides services, expertise and solutions for businesses, hotels and restaurants in areas they may not have internal capability. 

Heidi and Patrick Joseph met shortly after the company was incorporated. They realised that they  shared the passion to create value with purpose for companies, so they became partners on this quest.  Soon they did not just share the same vision for the business arena, but also for their lives. 

As the strategy for the company evolved, it became evident that traditional management and leadership tools are no longer sustaining our clients' businesses in this fast changing environment. Understandably, company leaders are inclined to continue with models that had always worked enormously well for them in the past. But the past has little relevance in the midst  of an invisible shifting cultural phenomenon. The leaders are beginning to ask questions that simply cannot be answered using linear and rational problem solving - default thinking.

Business as usual is no longer the usual! Our World is changing rapidly. Next year will not be the same as last year. The way we do business today will not be the way we do business tomorrow.

Today, many businesses are assaulted by systems-level economic failure and the collapse of traditional organisational strategies and management processes.

Our clients are facing wicked, multilayered problems and we were lead to research and apply the Design Thinking Methodology.

Design Thinking deeply engages in the challenges from a system level. It is a disciplined process that can help getting out of management by crisis.

It can be used to start at the beginning of an idea or used to unlock hidden value in existing products,  A creative, iterative process that can result in significant economic value creation, meaningful differentiation and improved customer/employee experience. 

Our heart is to come alongside our clients and co-create value with purpose for their businesses. We help them to (re)discover the original intent/purpose for the company and work with them to make these intents become reality. 

We help them address systemic/cultural frameworks within the organisation, which are causing low morale & productivity and a culture of fear which shuts down all internal creativity and innovation. We help them in the co-creation of frameworks which have the ability to adapt the processes to the challenges they face. 

We specialise in the areas of:

Revenue Generation - Sales, Marketing & Distribution, 

Business Strategy - Leadership Development/Mentoring, Company Strategy & Culture

Creative Problem Solving - systemic issues & process management, 

Data Analysis - making sense of data in order to make better decisions

Meeting/Discussion Facilitation/Mediation - creating conversation and dialogue 

Why we do what we do

At no time in the history of man kind was there a greater need to evaluate and rethink the way we do life, family and business. Our culture is experiencing enormous shifts, which often seem to be intangible or invisible to currently used metrics. 

At HGE International we believe that each individual can make a difference, create and add value with purpose to the world they live in; people intrinsically want to do well and succeed in their professional and personal life. We are convinced that people want to live with a sense of purpose and fulfilment, but often circumstances, cultural norms and expectations hinder them in the pursuit of this. 

HGE International was conceived out of the desire to help people and organisations to (re)discover and walk out their purpose and vision for their lives. 

We believe that we are positioned to bring transformation - transformation to individuals, companies, cities and ultimately nations. 

Our client list includes:

ExxonMobil Asia Pacific, Changi Cove Hotel Singapore, The Okura Prestige Hotel Bangkok, Loama Maamigili Development, Ong & Ong Singapore, Elewana Collection of Lodges and Camps, Tanzania, Africa; Sands China Limited, Macau; Institute for Hospitality, Singapore; The Stamford Plaza Brisbane, Australia; Brocon Investement Group, Cambodia; GLG - Expert Network, Awaken Group, Singapore - Dama Enterprise Pte. Ltd, Atlas Sound & Vision Pte. Ltd, Sia Huat Pte Ltd; Rainshine Pte. Ltd, Singapore, Mothercare, Borouge, Nanyang Polytechnic,