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We are a boutique service firm specializing in areas of commercial management, executive coaching and training.


From corporate to consultant - how HGE International began

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We are a small but tight-knit and dynamic team

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About us

We are community of heartfelt, dare we say, geeky individuals, passionate about engaging with the world around us.  We work collaboratively with each other and our clients. We are hopeful about the future as we develop ideas, people, tools and resource materials that create value.

With 15 years of experience with major hotel chains, Heidi stepped out to form HGE in order to empower hotels to achieve their full potential. With particular expertise in the technical aspect of customizing Revenue Management & Distribution systems, as well as the organizational & cultural set up of Revenue Management within an organization, she equips hotels which would not otherwise have access to the same expertise as the top revenue generating properties of major brands.

Patrick joined Heidi early on in the adventure, bringing his own experience of working in senior management in SME & MNC environments. He is passionate about people and possibilities and involved in leadership training, design thinking and strategic development.

Over the last 10 years, we have taken on clients from a range of industries and grown into a small and dynamic team, serving customers in South East Asia and beyond!

Revenue Strategy for Hoteliers

At HGE International we have implemented strategies which have not only boosted ADR and increased ROI but also helped our clients and partners to make innovation part of their organizational processes.

During this free strategy call, we will focus on your current pain points and explore available options to help you address them.

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We're Engaging

Meet the Team

Heidi Gempel - Managing Partner & Founder

Heidi Gempel

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Managing Partner & Founder

Heidi decided to live intentionally and to engage in meaningful work - she is kind of intense! She founded HGE International in 2010 to partner with independent & branded hotels as they resolve complex issues, ranging from productivity crunch to digital disruption to competitive revenue strategies. As a founding member of the Asia Pacific HSMAI Revenue Advisory Board, Heidi enjoys exchanging views with other thought leaders as the industry reinvents itself.

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Patrick Joseph - Managing Partner

Patrick Joseph

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Managing Partner

Patrick has a passion for people, possibilities, dad-jokes and great deals! He loves combining the talent and knowledge of individuals with business opportunities to build successful and sustainable companies. He is passionate about the strategic planning and definition of core values that builds an organization. His practical and hands-on approach is the key to his problem solving ability.

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Maxx - Virtual Revenue Butler


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The Virtual Revenue Butler

Maxx, the virtual Revenue Butler is a true gentleman. His presence is felt but never seen. He is always on duty and committed to providing the most updated information on business levels, pick up and market movements to our clients. He is relentlessly reviewing data and always has an opinion on pricing strategies, competitor rates, pick up trends and decision making.

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We're Heartfelt

WHAT we believe

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community & family

An intentionally flat structure allows us to work closely together as a team and collaborate with each other and our clients. Relationship is at the heart of all we do.

Confidence and hope
Confidence and hope

confidence & Hope

We are confident that the best is yet to come, approaching challenges with the conviction that the outcome will contribute positively to growth.

Honesty and Integrity

honesty & integrity

In all that we do we strive for consistency between our believes and behaviours, our words and our ways, our attitudes andour actions, our values and our practices.

Creativity and Innovation

creativity & innovation

We don't sit still but are constantly tapping into our imaginations to further develop our offerings, pooling our resources in the design of enterprising solutions that meet the needs of tomorrow.

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Wise people are builders,

they build families, businesses, communities.
And through intelligence and insight
their enterprises are established and endure.
Because of their skilled leadership
the hearts of people are filled with the treasures of wisdom
and the pleasures of spiritual wealth.
Wisdom can make anyone into a mighty warrior,
and revelation-knowledge increases strength.
Proverbs 24: 3-5

About Us
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