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"Design Thinking helps structure team interaction to cultivate greater inclusiveness, foster creativity, deepen empathy, and align participants around specific goals and results"
Idris Mootee, CEO, Idea Couture

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is human centered innovation. It is thinking with our hands, uncovering personal creativity to drive innovation. It is cultivating new perspectives of our everyday world. It is daring to fail in order to succeed. It is creating value and purpose for all stakeholders. Design thinking is a tool that can bring lasting change to an organization.

Why Design Thinking?

In applying Design Thinking methodology an organization has the opportunity to look at their business with fresh eyes.
Learning how to embrace and apply DT develops a deep empathy and understanding of customers, their journey and engagement with an organization; it discovers unarticulated needs and possibilities of new opportunities.


Our Unique Approach

  • Everyone is creative, everyone has ideas and insights worth considering.
  • Co-creation and collaboration are critical. The process of collective ideation & thinking yields better results than the ideas of the smartest person in the room.
  • We focus on expansive thinking or 10x ¬†thinking - broadening perspectives, taking a different point of view.
  • Customer-centric, to the degree we empathize with our customer, is the degree to which we will win in the marketplace.
  • We play to win - going beyond perceived limitations and constraints.

our Experience

We run design thinking workshops and offer design thinking mentoring and consultancy.

Our previous clients include NTUC Link; Six Senses Singapore; Exxon Mobil; Ong & Ong (Singapore State Court), and Awaken Group Singapore (Dama Enterprise Pte. Ltd; Atlas Sound & Vision Pte. Ltd; Mothercare; Sia Huat Pte Ltd; Ngee Ann Poly; Pepsi,Asia Pasfic, Ilo Ilo, Philippines, Mayor's Office).

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