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Maxx Your Revenue Butler

Maxx Your Revenue Butler - the virtual revenue assistant. A web base application that uses machine learning to analyse & interpret data, and recommend pricing.
- Maxx empowers you and your revenue team to:

Hourly insights in Revenue Management

Hourly Trends

Maxx enhances productivity, automates time consuming processes and provides real time information on reservation pick up, business on the books.

Maxx the Revenue Analyst - data explained by story telling

Virtual Analyst

Maxx makes your business visible with actionable insights, so that your team can focus on making the right decisions instead.

Maxx visualizes Data for all to understand

Comp Intellegence

Analysis/evaluation of decisions on rate in/decreases.


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“Heidi & team always provided ideas for new initiatives, great insight into our business and helped us make some tough decisions. I recommend Heidi and her team to any hotelier who wants a fresh perspective.”

Heloise Chua
Director of Sales & Marketing
Marriott Putrajaya Hotel

“We worked closely with Heidi & Patrick as our advisors and the team, as well as the hotel, benefited greatly because of the collaboration.”

Grace INternational

“The team of HGE International has extensive industry and market knowledge and has contributed greatly to the success of our hotels in the last few years.”

josephine meister
Director of sales & marketing Cluster
The Garcha Group Hotel collection