Outsourced Revenue Management
Resort Brand breaking into an urban market with boutique hotels


  • Outsourced Revenue Management
  • Pre-opening
  • Hotel positioning
  • Pricing
  • System integration with mega brand
  • Revenue management with mega brand



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A regionally based brand that specializes in high-end resorts approached us as they opened two boutique city properties. They were  looking for an revenue management solution for urban hotels that would help them with the daily revenue management and some higher level strategic support.

We worked with the team on the pre-opening of the second hotel a few months after we started, setting up pricing, distribution and reservation systems.

Defining Customer Personas

We facilitated a workshop for senior leadership team to define the unique characteristics of both hotels, whilst establishing brand alignment. We analyzed customer data and distilled with the  leadership and ground teams the behavior, look and feel of various customer personas for both hotels.

It helped the team to gain clarity of understanding of their guests; embrace and develop the brand identity with many creative and unique on-brand ideas that build customer engagement.

We provided support and advice to the leadership team and the hotel based sales, marketing and reservation team on the necessary business mix and pricing strategies for competitive advantage in an urban context.  

Deeper insights    

We developed multi dimensional, dynamic dashboards to analyze and clearly communicate trends, market segmentation and performance results.

The weekly revenue meetings became the incubator of ideas, initiatives for marketing and sales as well as moments of reflections and reviews of previous activities. We identified opportunities and set strategies for implementation.

Strategic planning & Business Mix planning

By creating customer personas and utilizing data insights we developed the appropriate business mix for the both hotels which could be translated into specific strategies for each segment. Dynamic and responsive pricing strategies and  up competitively 'on-brand'  promotions and packages created winning strategies in a very competitive environment of transient travelers.

Integration with mega-brand

The brand was bought over by an international group, these two properties became the first hotels to be integrated into the distribution system of the global brand. We provided strategic support and input on the integration process allowing the properties to utilize the to the fullest the opportunity of being on this stronger distribution platform.