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Let us deal with your daily tasks, so you can

Let us deal with your daily tasks so you can

Optimising beyond Revenue

With over 25 years’ specialist experience in the hospitality industry across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. We partner with owners, independent hoteliers, and franchise owners of major brands & regional chains.
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We provide customised mentoring and training programs for hoteliers and owners looking to build a sustainable and prosperous revenue management function.
Frameworks and technology are the foundation of the revenue function, but mentoring will deliver the highest impact.

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As experts in the industry, we provide consulting and problem solving on strategic issues, process automation, framework of the function, process creation, pre-opening, positioning and recovery strategy. We customise/automate all reservation and revenue processes to your environment.

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Maxx Your Revenue Butler is our propriety new generation revenue management analytics tool. Maxx provides real time recommendations, hourly detailed pickup updates, demand, trend, and pace analysis.
Maxx is available to everyone and not limited to consultancy clients.

Revenue Management Mentoring

Our approach in the mentoring process is designed to build a successful and sustainable revenue management function for the hotel that goes beyond the role of the revenue manager and impacts the commercial performance and competitiveness of the hotel.

Whilst revenue frameworks are necessary and technology is important and will deliver efficiencies, our experience has shown that the best results are achieved when the revenue/commercial team is being mentored or coached.

Mentoring involvement can range from daily to weekly or monthly interactions with the team. It can be very hands-on, practical and strategic in nature, depending what is best suited for your team.

See below some benefits mentoring may bring to your team and organization.

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Benefits of working with a REVENUE MANAGEMENT MENTOR

  • Proven results that grow revenue and bringing a full return on investment.
  • Direct access to expert level knowledge and oversight of revenue performance.
  • Practical working knowledge and insight on real life and real time scenarios.
  • Intentionally grow and retain future leaders.
  • Build internal capability and improve hotel based team performance.
  • Increase confidence, improve quality of decision making of the team.
  • Facilitates the growth and development of high-potential leaders.
  • Demonstrates visible commitment to staff development and continuous learning
  • Transfer and maintains organizational and revenue management knowledge
  • Fosters an inclusive, diverse and collaborative environment.

Revenue Consultancy

Our consultancy services allows your hotel to tap into our resources and expertise for advice and guidance from pre-opening support, to annual revenue budgets, to system integration, to sales and marketing strategies.

We tailor revenue management and sales and marketing processes according to your needs.
We provide training or mentorship and also conduct trainings and seminars.
We regularly participate on industry panel discussions and present in industry conferences.

Maxx Your Revenue Butler

MAXX is the virtual assistant every Revenue Manager would like to have, providing real time updates on pickup, on-the-books, pace and pricing competitiveness.
In automating everyday processes and reports, MAXX free’s time and energy for strategic decision making.
MAXX has been proven to enhance productivity and helps your revenue team to make faster and better decisions, leading to 10% higher revenues when recommendations are actioned.
With a mobile friendly interface and automated updates, you can access your business on-the-books, most recent pickup, current pace and rates anytime and anywhere at the click of a button.

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