MAXX your Revenue BUtler

Let us deal with your daily tasks, so you can

Let us deal with your daily tasks so you can

Give us your daily tasks, so you can


drive your business

Focus on what matters

Maxx - Your Revenue Butler

  • Maxx is the virtual assistant every Revenue
    Manager would like to have.
  • Maxx automates everyday processes, freeing time and mind space for actual decision making .
  • Realtime updates on your pick up, your on-the-books, pace and pricing competitiveness.
  • Evaluation and insight on recent pricing changes relative to your competitor set
  • Detailed pace report by day.
  • Once you work with him, you won't want to work without him! 

Top line growth


Higher Revenues*


Efficiency Gains

Maxx increases Efficiency and impacts Profit

  • Maxx enhances productivity, automates time consuming processes and provides real time information on reservation pick up, business on the books.
  • He also recommends and - yes - predicts pricing decisions.

    *when acting upon recommendations immediately.

Maxx provides INSTANT visibility

  • Automated reporting on daily and hourly pickup.
  • Mobile friendly interface - access anytime, anywhere - Maxx is a progressive Web App.
  • Real time insights on your OTB, pickup, pace, and rates at the touch of a button, in a clear and understandable format.
  • Dynamic data analysis - set your parameters and let Maxx do the rest! 
  • Helps optimizing recommendations On Demand Updates and Insights.

Maxx - additional FEATURES

  • Unlimited access for all team members.
  • Booking lead time by day.
  • Time of pick up -
    Real time analysis of pick up.
  • Price positioning relative to Comp set.
  • Analysis/evaluation of decisions on rate in/decreases.

MAXX Your Revenue! 

If you would like to get a feel for MAXX, we provide a demo service you can explore at your leisure.

You can also contact us for a trial period to see how MAXX could help serve your business.
Caution -  Once you have start using MAXX, you won't want to go without him!

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